Friday, January 13, 2017

Hokuei Town Detective Conan Sights

While in Hokuei Town where Conan Station is located I also checked out various other Detective Conan sights.

In addition to the statues of Conan at the station there's also several others all over town. This is one at Daiei Elementary School.

The town library which had a Conan illustration on it.

And a statue in front of it. To the right you can see Detective Conan manhole covers.

The manhole covers were used all over town.

Some kind of Conan silhouette treasure hunt.

Even official traffic signs around town called the train station Conan Station.

This book store was supposedly shown in the manga.

They had lots of Detective Conan posters outside.

And they sold Detective Conan books and other goods inside.

Statue in front of the local town office. If you look closely you can see a performance hall in the background which also got Conan illustrations on it.

Closeup of the performance hall.

The town cars were decorated with Detective Conan.

Another car and a bus with Detective Conan emblems.

Next I got to this bridge which is called Conan Bridge of course.

There's Detective Conan statues on each end.

Statues on the lampposts on the bridge too.

And various other decorations.

Map marking the different Detective Conan sights in town.

There was some construction going on so one of the Detective Conan statues was not available.

Detective Conan maze.

Another Conan silhouette near some public toilets. On the left you can see that the standard man and woman toilet signs were replaced with Conan and Rachel ones.

Detective Conan mural.

Another statue.

Fake bus stop with statues of Conan and Richard.


Rest area near the Hojo bypass road.

There were signs advertising Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory at the rest area.

And another Conan statue.

Various Detective Conan goods for sale and some illustrations on display at the rest area.

And lots of posters as well.

Around town there were also direction signs in the sidewalk with Detective Conan characters on them.

And lots of information signs with facts about the various characters.

They also had stone monuments with Detective Conan manga covers on them.

Finally another sign and stone monument. I've marked a path from the school going past the town library and book store ending up at the rest area.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/10/17.

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