Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Silent Voice - Shopping Street

In front of Ōgaki Station south exit there's a shopping street called OKB Street that's also shown in A Silent Voice.

Image from PV - 01m08s

Suimon river runs through a lot of the city and crosses the shopping street where there's a small bridge that's shown in the movie.

Image from PV - 01m12s

Nishimiya is standing on the bridge here.

Image from PV - 01m13s

Ishida trying to ride his bicycle.

Image from PV - 01m14s

But Nishimiya stops him.

Image from PV - 01m15s

The statue on the right is the same.

Image from Teaser Trailer - 00m23s

There's small bridges all over Ōgaki crossing Suimon River. You can spot another bridge through the railing if you look closely.

Image from Teaser Trailer - 00m25s

Full view of the bridge Nishimiya and Ishida is on.

Image from Theme Song PV - 01m40s

The building behind Nishimiya is the same.

Image from Teaser Trailer - 00m26s

Slightly closer look.

Image from Teaser Trailer - 00m29s

The signs on the right are the same in real life.

Image from Teaser Trailer - 00m13s

Further down the road there's this location. The building behind Ishida and Nishimiya is a Gifu Bus travel center. It was a sunny day, so they had rolled down some blinds from the roof covering the sidewalk.

Image from PV - 00m21s

The shopping street is called SKB Street in the movie.

Image from Teaser Trailer - 00m15s

Sidewalk detail.

All over the shopping street they had A Silent Voice banners.

Closeup of one of the banners.

There were different banners closer to Ōgaki Station.


And there were lots of A Silent Voice posters too.

Movie poster on the left and an OKB Street x A Silent Voice collaboration poster on the right.

The collaboration poster was for a tote bag you could get if you shopped for more than 2000 yen in participating stores on OKB Street.

Another tote bag with a different colour.

Image from Making Of - 09m51s

Close to the shopping street there's also a park called Ōgaki Park where this jungle gym is located. I've marked a path from a building near the bridge, passing by the bus travel center and ending up here in the map below.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/10/14.

OKB Street official website

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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