Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Evangelion Shinkansen Revisit

I had already had a look outside the Evangelion Shinkansen, but on this trip I managed to get some time to ride it.

I had already seen one of these ads for the Evangelion Shinkansen at Himeji Station earlier on my trip.

I started my trip at Shin-Ōsaka Station where they had this stamp rally point. I grabbed one of the leaflets of course.

At the platform they had Evangelion bento lunch boxes for sale.

One of the train staff posed outside the Evangelion Shinkansen.

Inside the train. This is in the last train car, car 8, which had purple seats, but no other Evangelion themed stuff.

In the back of this car they also had a set of train controls for kids to play with.

Car 7 was similar to car 8, except for the train controls for kids of course.

The next 3 cars, 6-4, wasn't themed at all.

Except for at the front of car 4, which had an Evangelion design in the space between car 4 and 3. On the right you can see the train phone booth.

Car 3. If you look closely you can see some design on the doors in the front.

Closeup of the doors in car 3.

In car 3 there were also a smoking rooms.

Ryoji illustration in the smoking room on the left.

And one of Misato on the right.

Car 2 had full Evangelion theming.

The walls.

The seats.

The floor.

And even the window blinds.

A few of the window blinds also had an alternative design.

The front of car 2. When arriving at some stops they had a part of A Cruel Angel's Thesis playing and Kaworu's voice actor doing the station announcements.

In car 1 they had an Evangelion exhibition space.

With Evangelion x Shinkansen dioramas.

A cardboard cutout of Kaworu.

And lots of information about Evangelion and Shinkansen trains.

And there was also a smaller room with...

An entry plug pilot seat.

If you had a normal ticket you could reserve a riding experience in the entry plug pilot seat in advance. I had an JR Pass this time though, so I didn't get to try it.

I did get one of these information folders for taking the train though, which included a post card set as well.

They also had folders for Evangelion sake you could buy on the train.

I only had something to eat while riding the train though.

Since I had picked up one of the stamp rally leaflets I got off the Evangelion Shinkansen at Okayama Station at 12:40 and got the leaflet stamped. I then ran to get on the next Shinkansen train I could get on at 12:46. This is the Sakura 555 Shinkansen.

And then I got off again at Hiroshima Station at 13:26 to get the next stamp.

They also had some Evangelion goods for sale at the station.

Since the Sakura Shinkansen I took was faster than the Evangelion Shinkansen, I could get on again at Hiroshima Station. It's called the Kodama 741 on timetables and arrived here at 14:02. A bit better than the 6 minute window I had at Okayama Station ^_^

The Evangelion Shinkansen arriving at Hiroshima Station.

I then rode it all the way to Hakata Station which is the official last stop and where everybody got out. At this station they played a different part of A Cruel Angel's Thesis when arriving.

A lot of Kodama trains goes 1 stop further to Hakata-Minami Station, so the Evangelion Shinkansen also goes there.

After spending some time at Hakata Station checking out the 500 Type Eva Café & Shop I went back to Osaka and got the last stamp for the Evangelion Shinkansen stamp rally at Ōsaka Station.

Here's the completed stamp rally sheet and the Evangelion pin in the upper right you could get if you collected at least 3 stamps and bought something from the participating gift stores for 500 yen.

No location map since it's just a Shinkansen train running between Shin-Ōsaka Station and Hakata Station.

This location was visited on 2016/10/19. The Himeji Station picture is from 2016/10/16.

Evangelion Shinkansen official website

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