Thursday, January 12, 2017

Detective Conan Train Station

I had heard that there were a Detective Conan Train Station in Tottori in the city where the creator Gosho Aoyama was born, so I went to check it out.

I was staying in Tottori city, and at Tottori Station I saw these sand statues of the Junior Detective League.

They also had a gift shop in Tottori Station where they had Detective Conan goods.

Omiyage sweets. The author of GeGeGe no Kitarō was also born in Tottori, so they had goods for that as well.

Detective Conan postcards.

I also did some sightseeing in Tottori before going to the Conan train station, and at the Tottori sand dunes they had lots of Detective Conan sand dune goods.

Conan and sand dune camel goods.

Detective Conan tourism poster.

To get to Conan Station I had to switch trains at Kurayoshi Station where they had a big Conan shoe and skateboard.

Kurayoshi city also had a collaboration with Konami's Hinabita.

I had some time while waiting for the train so I also checked out the tourist information office where they had various Detective Conan tourism leaflets, including one for the Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory.

They had a gift shop with Detective Conan omiyage in this train station as well.

And curry.

I also saw a time table for the Detective Conan decorated trains here. It wasn't one of the ones I took though.

I finally reached Conan Station. It's official name is Yura Station and it's located in Hokuei town.

There's signs calling it Conan Station everywhere though.

Waiting room at platform 2.

Stairs to the walkway between the platforms.

Cutouts inside the walkway.

Inside the station building there were Detective Conan decorated lockers.

And lots of other decorations.

Even some in the roof.

Outside the station they had this statue of Conan.

Town map of Hokuei.

Map of various Detective Conan sights in Hokuei.

Another statue of Conan in the station area.

Full view of the station building.

Station entrance.

There's a tourist information office in the station building.

In here they had various Detective Conan goods on display, including the manga which you could read.

Goods for sale and a poster for Tottori Sand Dunes Conan Airport in the back.

More posters and some framed signatures.

A framed drawing.

And a guestbook.

Which I signed.

Later on I actually did get to see one of the Conan trains at Tottori Station, so I took some pictures of that as well.

Lots of decorations on the first train car.

And on the second train car.

The front of the second car.

And a closer look at the front of the first one.

Tottori calls itself the Manga Kingdom as seen here on the train doors.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/10/17. The pictures from Tottori Station and the sand dunes are from 2016/10/16 and 2016/10/18.


  1. Hi!

    Am just passing by ^^
    Do you have any chance of exploring Hokuei or just on the train station? I'm a bit confused as to why Google maps labelled the Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory (GAMF) Museum as closed permanently (_ _).
    I have a plan to visit Tottori this December and this is definitely a must-check-out place ^^


    1. Yeah, I visited GAMF:

      Doesn't show up as closed here.