Wednesday, January 11, 2017

A Silent Voice - Bridge

The last A Silent Voice place I visited while in Ōgaki, was the bridge that's seen all through the movie.

Image from Teaser - 00m28s

The bridge as seen in the first teaser for the movie.

Image from Making Of - 09m32s

Ishida jumping from the bridge as a kid.

Image from Making Of - 09m34s

Down by the river.

Image from Teaser Trailer - 00m22s

Lots of seagrass in the water.

Image from Making Of - 09m46s

This waterfall area near the river is right next to the bridge.

Image from PV - 01m52s

Ishida later on.

Image from PV - 01m53s

He spots Nishimiya on the bridge.

Image from PV - 00m46s

Feeding the fish.

Image from PV - 00m51s

Another scene on the bridge with Nishimiya.

Image from PV - 00m53s

And Ishida.

Image from Theme Song PV - 00m44s

They feed the fish together.

Image from PV - 00m17s

Closeup of Ishida.

Image from PV - 00m19s

And one of Nishimiya.

Image from Theme Song PV - 00m50s

Lots of koi fish in the water.

Image from Teaser Trailer - 00m47s

It was a really bright day when I was here.

Image from Theme Song PV - 01m13s

Nishimiya jumps over the railing.

Image from Making Of - 20m31s

Into the river.

Image from PV - 00m58s

The deck that Nishimiya is standing on here was closed when I was here, but the background in the top left matches.

Image from PV - 02m03s

Later in the movie, Nishimiya runs towards the bridge.

Image from PV - 02m04s

Reverse angle.

Image from PV - 02m08s

Dutch angle.

Image from Theme Song PV - 02m04s

And once again Ishida shows up.

A Silent Voice Key Visual 1

This bridge was also shown on the first key visual. There were at least a dozen other people taking pictures on the bridge including these two ladies in kimonos

A Silent Voice Poster 1

The buildings in the background on this movie poster can be seen at this location as well.

A Silent Voice Poster 2

And in this other movie poster you can spot the stone that was here in the bottom right if you look carefully.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/10/14.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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