Wednesday, January 18, 2017

500 Type Eva Café & Shop

After taking the Evangelion Shinkansen to Hakata Station I also checked out the Evangelion café and the Evangelion store at the train station.

Outside the café. The café is located inside the Shinkansen gates of the station.

Various decorations at the café. The screen in the middle played a video about the Evangelion Shinkansen.

A model of the Evangelion Shinkansen. The café is called 500 Type Eva Café because the Evangelion Shinkansen is a model 500 series Shinkansen train.

Some Evangelion figures and food replicas on display.

This is also where the Evangelion Shinkansen stamp rally stamp is located at Hakata Station.

Full menu of the café.

And the whole range of Evangelion inspired food they have.

I ate this Sachiel curry rice here. Even the napkin was Evangelion themed.

In the café they also had the manga you could read and a framed jigsaw puzzle of Rei.

And an Evangelion Unit-01 statue.

Nearby there was also a bookstore.

Lots of Evangelion illustrations outside the bookstore.

They sold the manga here of course.

And there was also a regular gift shop that was selling some Evangelion goods in this area.

Evangelion Shinkansen baumkuchen cake.

More food items including cookies.

And even Hello Kitty x Evangelion goods and latte.

Outside the gates they had the 500 Type Eva Shop.

They sold some of the same food items as the gift store inside the gates.

But they also had other items like Evangelion sake and jigsaw puzzles.

Bags, plushies and clear files.

Notebooks, train models and Blu-Rays of the Evangelion Shinkansen.

And keychains, glowsticks and even light switch decorations.

In a corner near the shop they also had an Evangelion purikura photo booth.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/10/19.

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