Saturday, February 29, 2020

Keihan Railway x Sound! Euphonium 2019

Another thing I checked out was the Keihan Railway x Sound! Euphonium 2019 collaboration.

Just like the last time, they had cardboard cutouts at various stations, including this one of Satsuki Suzuki, Mirei Suzuki and Hazuki Katou at Chūshojima Station.

One of Natsuki Nakagawa and Yuuko Yoshikawa at Keihan Rokujizō Station. On the left on the wall you can see a notice.

It was telling people not to visit the Kyoto Animation Studio 1 building after everything that had happened.

At Keihan Rokujizō Station they still had this ad for the KyoAni & Do Shop with Natsuki and Yuuko on it.

And the one with Midori and Hazuki.

Sapphire 'Midori' Kawashima and Kanade Hisaishi at Keihan Ōbaku Station.

While taking the trains I also saw this ad for the collaboration. The right side of the ad had information about the Ishiyama Sakamoto Line and the Sound! Euphonium decorated train, which I didn't have time to check out this time.

Kumiko Oumae and Reina Kousaka was at Keihan Uji Station.

The last place I checked out was the tourist information center in Uji along the Ajirogi-no-michi Street.

This was the new cardboard cutout here of Kanade and Kumiko from Sound! Euphonium the Movie: Oath's Finale (also known as Sound! Euphonium: Our Promise: A Brand New Day).

They also had cardboard cutouts from other things this time. These ones were from the anime movie Hello World.

And this one for the mobile game Kyoutou Project.

Still various Sound! Euphonium items on display here too.

And the guestbook area.

Up to volume 38 now.

Lots of drawings and signatures as usual.

And I signed again.

Here's a picture of a Keihan Railway x Sound! Euphonium 2019 location map and train pass I got.

No location map since it's just locations I've visited before.

These locations were visited on 2019/11/10.

Keihan Railway x Sound! Euphonium official website

Friday, February 28, 2020

Taisho-suji Papier-Mâché Art Exhibition

After hearing that the papier-mâché art exhibition at Taisho-suji shopping street included some anime characters I went and had a look. The closest JR train station is Shin-Nagata Station.

Just to the north of the shopping street there's this statue of Tetsujin 28, also known as Gigantor in some countries.

Closeup of the statue.

This was the first papier-mâché art I spotted at the shopping street.

It's of Lupin and Jigen from Lupin the Third.

Right behind it there were these ones of Serval from Kemono Friends, Oni from Hentatsu and Rin from Kemurikusa.

Closeup from 2F.

They also had a lot of other papier-mâché art on display.

Including this Eevee from Pokémon.

And other.


I also saw these banners with Tetsujin 28 on them.

And a poster for the 10th anniversary of the statue. I've marked the location of the statue on the map below since the papier-mâché art is not currently on display.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2019/11/09.

Shopping street official website

Thursday, February 27, 2020

Your Name - Town Hall

After checking out Amano no Sato for Non Non Biyori, I also stopped by Katsuragi Town Hall which was shown in Your Name. I drove a rental car to get here, but you could also take a train to the nearby Ōtani Station.

Image from Your Name - 68m57s

The outsides of the town hall is only shown in a single shot. It's called Itomori Town Hall in the movie of course.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2019/11/09.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:君の名は。archives/cat_1237325.html

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Non Non Biyori - Amano no Sato

A small village named Amano no Sato is shown in both seasons of Non Non Biyori, so I went to have a look. The closest train station is Kaseda Station where there's a bus that goes to Niutsuhime Shrine located in the village a few times a day, but it's easier to rent a car to get there like I did.

Image from S1E2 - 12m23s

Image from S2E7 - 11m59s

This area in the western part of the village was shown in both seasons.

Image from S1E1 - 12m49s

Image from S1E12 - 21m09s

View towards the south.

Image from S1E1 - 13m04s

The road here curves in the other direction compared to the anime.

Image from S1E4 - 15m05s

The buildings behind Renge here is towards the north.

Image from S1E1 - 01m27s

The area in the upper left of the previous shot is also shown in this shot from another angle.

Image from S1E1 - 00m30s

Between all the fields there's also this small bridge that looks similar to the on in the show.

Image from S1E1 - 00m52s

Another small bridge.

Image from S1E12 - 10m21s

This drainage canal has become more overgrown.

Image from S2E12 - 18m03s

View towards the east. The sign on the road mirror is rusted in real life, but otherwise it matches.

Image from S1E12 - 07m38s

Another shot towards the east.

Image from S1E2 - 00m01s

I also checked out the eastern part of the village near Niutsuhime Shrine.

Image from S1E1 - 00m58s

This small temple structure is located in among the trees from the previous shot. I've marked a path from this small temple structure to the road mirror in the western part of the village in the map below.

Image from S1E1 - 01m03s

There's no tobidashi figure here like in the anime. Behind the utility pole there's some signs for a parking lot.

Image from S1E4 - 10m46s

The parking lot is located on the left here in real life. The railings on the little bridge has been changed since the show was made, so it no longer matches.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2019/11/09.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before: