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Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory

I also visited the museum dedicated Gosho Aoyama, the creator of Detective Conan, in Hokuei which is called Gosho Aoyama Manga Factory.

The museum building.

Professor Agasa's car is displayed outside.

They also had the stone monuments with the first Detective Conan manga cover, just as the ones spread all over Hokuei.

And just like in the town and at the train station, they had statues here as well.

One of the Junior Detective League right at the entrance.

One of the first things you see inside is this self-depiction of Gosho Aoyama, which is also on the museum logo.

Here they had items from Gosho Aoyama's childhood. On the right there's an original drawing and pictures from when Gosho Aoyama visited the museum.

These seems like the original cast models for the statues around town on the right.

More of the cast models. On the right there's some original artwork you weren't allowed to take pictures of, including some from Gosho Aoyama's earlier works.

Some graphig plushies on display.

Another big Conan shoe, similar to the one I had seen at Kurayoshi Station, and a cardboard cutout of Kaito Kid.

A reproduction of Gosho Aoyama's workroom. The monitor in the background showed a video of him working.

Display of the manga creation process.

Cardboard cutout of Gosho Aoyama in front of a set of drawings of various famous fiction detectives. If you pushed the buttons on the panel in front of this display you could see pictures of the corresponding authors which inspired Aoyama.

Map of the world with information of which countries the Detective Conan manga had been released in. In the display cases you could see a manga page from each language.

Cardboard cutout of Richard. On the left there's a stamp for a stamp rally.

Another stamp. It was only for fun, so you didn't get any prizes.

I filled in one of the stamp papers though.

Next there was a display of various Professor Agasa gadget inventions.

Including the voice-changing bowtie which you could try.

You could also ride the turbo engine skateboard. It had a screen showing a ride through Hokuei Town.

There were also some tricks you could test, like this mirror door room.

More cardboard cutouts.

Lots of various goods on display.

And a character relationship chart.

Here you could sit down and pose as Richard together with a cardboard cutout of Conan.

Another room had some cels on display.

And posters for all the movies.

Lupin the Third vs. Detective Conan poster in the bottom.

They even had various movie standees.

In the same room there was also some quiz and puzzle games you could try.

And they had a guestbook.

Lots of visitors from other Asian countries it seemed.

Some Detective Conan artwork.

And some for various events and festivities.

Manga pages on display as well.

Cardboard cutouts of Jimmy and Rachel.

Behind the cardboard cutouts in the previous picture they had an augmented reality setup which you could put the back of your ticket on and see Detective Conan characters. I got one with Conan himself.

They also had an automated marionette theater with bells playing music that was running every 30 minutes.

And finally a big illustration of Conan and Rachel.

Elsewhere in the building they had shikishi sign boards and pictures of various famous people who had visited the museum.

And they had a gift shop of course.

Lots of Detective Conan goods for sale, including the manga.


And t-shirts.

They also had gashapon and souvenir coin machines.

If you were planning on checking out all the other Detective Conan sights in Hokuei Town after visiting the museum they also had rental bicycles here.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/10/17.

Museum official website

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