Sunday, December 11, 2016

Gamers Akihabara - Love Live Sunshine Museum

While checking out various stores in Akihabara I stumbled upon an exhibition called a Love Live Sunshine Museum inside Gamers Akihabara, so here's some pictures.

They had little signs about it all over Gamers.

The entrance to the elevator on one floor also had information about the exhibition.

And inside the elevator.

On the floor of the exhibition they had these cardboard cutouts of the characters. They also had some costumes, but you weren't allowed to take pictures of those.

Lots of goods for sale.

Among the items were clear files, posters and keychains.


Cups and Aqours water.

And music CDs and anime Blu-Rays as well.

Near the elevator they had notes that fans had left.

Lots of messages.

And little drawings.

Closer look at some drawings.

They also advertised various bonuses for pre-ordering the Love Live Sunshine Blu-Rays.

On one of the floors here they also had ads for the Final Love Live! μ'sic Forever Blu-ray Memorial Box, for which I also had seen the decorated train, on the elevator entrance.

They sold both the first volume of Love Live Sunshine and Final Love Live all over Akihabara of course.

No location map since it's no longer there.

This location was visited on 2016/10/05.

Love Live anime official website

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