Saturday, December 10, 2016

Suginami Animation Museum

In addition to the Ghibli Museum I also visited the Suginami Animation Museum this time which is located between Ogikubo and Nishi-Ogikubo Station.

Outside the building the museum is in.

On the walls of the building were these tablets with characters from various anime, including Gundam, Astro Boy, Steamboy, Crayon Shin-chan and Ojamajo Doremi.

More tablets with characters from Creamy Mami, Gatchaman, Doraemon and Evangelion among others.

They also had these etchings outside. Kimba the White Lion on the top here.

More etchings with Speed Racer on the top.

Inside the building the museum itself is on the third floor.

One of the first things you'll notice when you get up to the third floor is this round wall behind the ticket counter which have drawings and signatures from lots of people involved with anime.

I went around and took pictures of the whole thing.

Near the ticket counter they had this Gundam statue as well.

They also had statues of characters from Brave Story. Cutts in the foreground here.

Wataru Mitani.


And Mitsuru Ashikawa, all from Brave Story.

Near the last statue they also had these Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade cels and a Blood+ poster.

Information and a video showing how 3D animation works.

Cardboard cutouts of characters from Aquarion Logos.

Various images from the show as well.

Aquarion Logos character information on the top and a pilgrimage location map at the bottom.

They also had a cardboard cutout of Chibi Maruko-chan.

In one of the rooms they had an area where you could try animating yourself.

Computers where you could put together a short animated sequence.

And one of the animation lightboxes where you could try tracing drawings.

On the walls in this room they had posters from recent anime including Your Name, Planetarian and even Song of the Sea since anime refers to all animation in Japan.

Posters for WWW.Working!! (which is known as WWW.Wagnaria!! outside Japan), Occultic;Nine, March Comes in like a Lion, the fifth season of Natsume's Book of Friends and The Great Passage.

Drifters, All Out!! and Long Riders! posters.

And even some for kids anime like Heybot!, Maho Girls Pretty Cure! and Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V.

They also had the desks of some animators here. Yoshiyuki Tomino's desk.

Takayuki Goto's desk.

And Shinzo Yuki's desk.

A display with the names of all the anime made since the beginning till recent times.

There's also various figures and goods from some of the most popular shows in the display.

Upstairs from the main museum they have a space for special exhbitions.

The current special exhbition was one for Mysterious Joker.

Character info and art from the manga.

Idea sketches.

Various tools and notebooks used during the creative process.

More artwork.

Model sheets from the anime.


Vehicle design and scripts.

Various Mysterious Joker goods.

Cardboard cutouts you could take a picture with.

And shikishi sign boards from people involved with the Mysterious Joker anime. On this floor there were also an anime library with tons of anime you could watch. No pictures allowed in there though.

While at the museum I also saw a poster for a P.A. Works exhibit in Toyama, but more about that later.

Finally some flyers and pamphlets I picked up at the museum. In the top left there's the museum info flyer, in the top right there's an AnoHana sightseeing guide and at the bottom there's both a The Anthem of the Heart stamp rally pamphlet and sightseeing guide.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/10/05.

Suginami Animation Museum official website

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