Monday, December 12, 2016

Encouragement of Climb - Mount Takao Ascend

One of the mountains Aoi and Hinata climbs in season 1 of Encouragement of Climb is Mount Takao, so I set aside a day and checked it out.

Image from S1E08 - 00m03s

To get to Mount Takao you take a Keio train to Takaosanguchi Station.

Image from S1E08 - 00m15s

View from inside the train when I arrived at the station.

Image from S1E08 - 00m17s

The station platform. The view in the last picture is on the left side.

Image from S1E08 - 00m20s

The station building was rebuilt in 2015, so it no longer matches the anime. The Italian restaurant on the left is still there though.

Image from S1E08 - 00m22s

Road leading to the mountain.

Image from S1E08 - 00m31s

Flying squirrel statue.

Image from S1E08 - 00m34s

This is a ropeway at the base of Mount Takao you can take to get half way up the mountain.

Image from S1E08 - 00m49s

Another flying squirrel statue. They're both in front of the ropeway station.

Image from S1E08 - 01m06s

Aoi and Hinata chooses to walk all the way up using trail number 1 though. You can see the matching direction sign and trees on the left.

Image from S1E08 - 01m11s

Similar looking mountainside.

Image from S1E08 - 01m13s

This road is the same as in the anime, except for the warning sign.

The warning sign is facing in a different direction. This place is actually further down the mountain than the place with the direction sign in real life.

Image from S1E08 - 01m23s

The tree where Aoi gets winded is different.

Image from S1E08 - 01m29s

This is the tree that's in the spot that's shown in the anime though.

Image from S1E08 - 01m30s

Buildings near the top of the ropeway.

Image from S1E08 - 01m33s

They sell food and drinks here, like this grilled dango rice snack.

Image from S1E08 - 01m37s

There's also an observation deck here.

Image from S1E08 - 01m48s

Aoi sitting in front of the shop selling grilled dango.

I tried some while sitting here as well.

Image from S1E08 - 01m55s

The view from the observation deck.

Image from S1E08 - 01m56s

View of central Tokyo. If you look closely you can see the tallest structure which is Tokyo Skytree.

Image from S1E08 - 02m00s

Slightly further up the road is this souvenir shop.

Image from S1E08 - 02m05s

Aoi stops and looks at the souvenirs. To the right in the background is the entrance to a monkey park.

Image from S1E08 - 02m07s

They actually had a poster of Aoi buying one of these flying squirrel keychains right here.

I saw other Encouragement of Climb illustrations in the souvenir shop as well.

Image from S1E08 - 02m10s

The sign behind Aoi is the same.

Image from S1E08 - 02m17s

I've marked the path from Takaosanguchi Station to the grilled dango shop in the map below.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/10/06.

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