Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Flying Witch - Craft Shop

The last Flying Witch place I visited this time was a craft shop seen in the last episode.

Image from Episode 12 - 08m51s

The shop is called Shimaya instead of Imaya in real life.

Image from Episode 12 - 08m55s

Makoto and Chito arrives at the shop after walking there from the train crossing.

Image from Episode 12 - 08m58s

The buildings across the street doesn't really match.

Image from Episode 12 - 09m03s

The tiles in front of the store matches though.

Image from Episode 12 - 09m07s

Makoto and Chito enters.

Image from Episode 12 - 09m13s

And browse for fabric.

Image from Episode 12 - 10m10s

All the shelves are in the same spot as in the anime.

Image from Episode 12 - 09m09s

Lots of fabric for sale. The bags of white polyester wad in the bottom right are the same.

Image from Episode 12 - 09m11s

Yarn for sale as well. The small crocheted samples are also the same as in the show.

Image from Episode 12 - 09m24s

Even more fabric, this time on rolls.

Image from Episode 12 - 09m44s

They even had fabric with cat patterns similar to the one Chito liked. Not sure if they glowed in the dark though.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/10/03.

Craft shop official website

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  1. What a cute shop! I love the frame by frame comparisons. It's very fun to see what was/has changed and remained the same in your visits :) I haven't watched Flying Witch yet, but your posts are definitely motivating me to check it out. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks! Check out the other post about other shows as well.