Friday, December 23, 2016

Yuwaku Onsen Tourist Information Center

While checking out all the Hanasaku Iroha locations in Yuwaku Onsen, I also stopped by the local Tourist Information Center.

This place was further away from the main part of the town, but I just followed a bunch of other people and ended up here.

They had a huge cloth poster of Kissuiso outside.

Hanasaku Iroha posters in the windows.

And at the doors.

There were plenty of other people checking out the tourist information center as well.

Lots of Hanasaku Iroha stuff inside.

Cardboard cutouts of the characters.



Postcard from the Hanasaku Iroha movie on the left, pictures from an earlier Bonbori Festival in the middle and a picture of the Hakuunro Hotel on the right here.

Onsen washing buckets.

More posters, some figures and a gashapon capsule toy machine.

If you look closely at the previous picture you can see this bag with an interview with P.A. Works president Kenji Horikawa about Hanasaku Iroha tourism on it.

They had keyframes from the show you could look at as well.

And artbooks.

This one had a map of Yuwaku Onsen in it.

Another one with pictures of Syuhokaku.

Some notes left by fans on the wall.

They had collected older notes in a notebook.

And they had guestbooks here too.

I left a message of course.

Display of Yuzuotome yuzu drinks. There's a menu on the left that's been signed by Kimiko from Nano Ripe that did a lot of the songs that's in Hanasaku Iroha, including the OP songs.

They even had a small display with some local crafts that had nothing to do with Hanasaku Iroha in here.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/10/09.

Yuwaku Onsen official website

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