Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Encouragement of Climb - Mount Takao Peak

A bit after passing Yakuo-in Temple if you take trail number 1 up Mount Takao you'll finally get to the peak of the mountain, just like in Encouragement of Climb.

Image from S1E09 - 00m20s

Path between Yakuo-in Temple and the peak.

Image from S1E09 - 00m21s

This place is right before you get to the peak.

Image from S1E09 - 00m25s

At the peak there's various eating places and a visitors center.

Image from S1E09 - 00m26s

And there's also an observation deck.

Image from S1E09 - 00m27s

On a clear day you can view Mount Fuji from here. It was covered in clouds when I was here though.

Image from S1E09 - 00m37s

The height marker that's seen in the anime has been removed and replaced with a different one.

Image from S1E09 - 00m38s

The pavilion where Aoi and Hinata sits down to eat is still the same.

Image from S1E09 - 00m52s

There were people sitting here all the time so I couldn't get many shots.

Image from S1E09 - 00m57s

Inner roof of the pavilion.

No location map since it's just the peak of Mount Takao.

This location was visited on 2016/10/06.

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