Thursday, November 17, 2016

Love Live Train

While in Tokyo I managed to get on the Love Live decorated JR Yamanote train advertising the Final Love Live! μ'sic Forever Blu-ray Memorial Box, so here's some pictures.

I had seen the train earlier while in Tokyo, like here in Yoyogi Station when taking Your Name pictures, but always at a distance or running in the other direction I was going until...

The night I was going back from Akihabara after checking out Tokyo Anime Center when I finally got a chance to check the train out.

And inside I found out that ALL the advertising was for Love Live.

The ad space near the doors had lyrics for a song each.

And even the video screens showed ads from the Final Live.

The JR Yamanote trains got 11 cars in total, so car 2-10 was decorated with a different idol each.

Car 2 was the Honoka Kousaka one.

With Honoka ads everywhere.

Video ads in each car as well.

Car 3 was for Eli Ayase.

Car 4 was for Kotori Minami.

Car 5 was for Umi Sonoda.

Car 6 was for Rin Hoshizora.

Car 7 was for Maki Nishikino.

The ads in the roof had messages thanking all the fans and pictures of that cars idol on one side.

Car 8 was for Nozomi Toujou.

And on the other side of the roof ads there were pictures of the whole group.

Car 9 was for Hanayo Koizumi.

And car 10 was for Nico Yazawa.

Car 1 and 11 had ads with all the idols plus a collection of ads from the other cars.

Final Live ads near the doors as well.

Outside car 11. Ended up going clockwise on the JR Yamanote outer circle all the way from Akihabara to Yoyogi Station, which actually was the station I saw the train at in the first picture above.

No location map since the Love Live decorated train is no longer running.

This location was visited on 2016/09/28. The first picture is from 2016/09/19.

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