Thursday, December 15, 2016

Your Lie in April - Koremasa Bridge

Koremasa Bridge is shown in a few episodes of Your Lie in April, so I went and checked it out.

Image from Episode 1 - 06m22s

There's a soccer field near this pedestrian path and the river is further to the left in real life.

Image from Episode 1 - 06m29s

Kousei, Tsubaki and Watari walking along the pedestrian path.

Image from Episode 9 - 15m03s

In a later episode the same bridge is shown in a flashback.

Image from Episode 9 - 15m26s

Kousei, Tsubaki and Watari as kids.

Image from Episode 9 - 15m40s

You can see one of the transmission towers in the background in the anime shot.

At the nearby Koremasa Station I also saw this poster for anime sightseeing in Saitama. I've marked the path from Koremasa Station to Koremasa Bridge in the map below.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/10/06.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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