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Hanasaku Iroha - Yuwaku Onsen Part 1

Yunosagi Onsen in Hanosaku Iroha is based on Yuwaku Onsen in real life, so I went there to take a look. This post mostly contains pictures of various interesting sights I saw. If you want to see more comparison shots check out part 2.

I took bus from Kanazawa Station to get to Yuwaku Onsen. The bus ticket had a special Hanasaku Iroha design since I visited on the day of the Bonbori Festival!

The bus was crammed full of other people that were also going to the festival. There were 2 other foreign tourists on the bus, but they were going to Kenrokuen Garden and had gotten on this bus since it passes by there. They had no idea of why the bus was so full ^_^

It took a little under an hour to get here from Kanazawa Station. There were extra buses running here all day because of the festival.

Image from Episode 5 - 15m39s

The bus stopped across the street from of this place called Syuhokaku, which is the place Fukuya Inn in the anime is based on.

If you look closely on the left in the previous picture you can spot this Hanasaku Iroha itasha decorated car.

There were a lot of itasha decorated cars around.

Clannad car.

True Tears car.

Shirobako car.

Love Live car.

Girls und Panzer car.

Idolmaster car.

And even a different Hanasaku Iroha x Shirobako one.

There were lots of anime fans walking all over town taking pictures of course.

I even saw Mel Kishida, the Hanasaku Iroha character designer, walking around here. Lots of people were taking pictures with him including these Hanasaku Iroha cosplayers.

Close to Syuhokaku, there was an area where they had set up some food stall and tourism booths.

They had a Koitabi: True Tours Nanto truck here.

The truck had a video screen showing the anime.

And a booth where they sold Koitabi: True Tours Nanto goods.

Noto Railway booth.

They were selling tickets for a special ride with the Hanasaku Iroha decorated train the next day on the Nanao Line. Unfortunately I had other plans, so I didn't get to ride it.

A food truck selling snacks.

I bought one of these Hanasaku Iroha lunch sets they sold in the area. I had also seen a poster for this lunch set in a Sunkus store near Kanazawa Station earlier.

The bento lunch box meal.

When you bought the Hanasaku Iroha lunch set, you got a ticket for a special lottery, which they had in the tent here on the right, where you could get into the fire ceremony area during the final part of the festival. I did't win when I tried though.

Next to the food stall area I spotted a long queue.

It was the queue to buy Hanasaku Iroha festival goods.

I returned later when the queue was shorter to get a closer look.

Posters for sale. Number 1 was the current Bonbori Festival poster and number 11 and 13 were from previous years festivals.

Clear files, wall scroll and other goods.

Cups, lanterns and even more goods.

They had food stalls in other places around town as well.

And lots of festival posters.

They were also running a treasure hunt event around town with these clue posters with Hanasaku Iroha characters on them, like this one of Nako.



And Ohana.

Other people were taking pictures of these posters as well.

Right next to the Ohana poster in the previous pictures they seemed to be selling some Noto Railway stuff.

They had pictures of people in animegao taking the Hanasaku Iroha decorated train.

And they had various Hanasaku Iroha posters hanging here as well of course.

Local shops in the area had Hanasaku Iroha goods for sale too.

And even displays with various fan made items.

More Hanasaku Iroha decorations.

At one of the onsens they had this Hanasaku Iroha decorated vending machine.

More Hanasaku Iroha posters inside the same onsen.

Even inside the local museum they had some Hanasaku Iroha posters. I've marked a path from Syuhokaku to this place in the map below.

Later in the night I saw the same cosplayers I had seen earlier, when they were joined by another cosplayer dressed as Minko.

And I also saw somebody in Nako animegao.

Here's a picture of the stuff I brought with me home. In the upper left is a festival clear file and postcard set I bought and the form you used to buy goods, in the bottom left there's 2 Koitabi: True Tours Nanto flyers I picked up, a Hanasaku Iroha sightseeing guide and the festival information flyer, and finally to the right are 2 bags I got when buying the lunch box and the clear file and postcard set.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/10/09.

Yuwaku Onsen official website

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