Thursday, December 8, 2016

Locodol - Jinya Remains

Another place shown in the Locodol OVAs is the Kondō Isami Jinya Remains, an administrative headquarters site from the Edo period, which is close to Nagareyama Station.

Image from OVA3 - 16m14s

Yukari and Nanako standing in front of the jinya remains.

Image from OVA3 - 16m08s

Across the street from the jinya remains.

Image from OVA3 - 16m08s

The building to the left is a store right next to the remains.

Image from OVA3 - 16m23s

Saori brought Shinsengumi costumes.

Image from OVA3 - 16m27s

This is supposedly where Kondō Isami and Hijikata Toshizō of the Shinsengumi last saw eachother.

Image from OVA3 - 16m37s

The balcony on the left matches.

Image from OVA3 - 16m41s

Nat-chan asks everybody to join Nanako and Yukari in the shot for the PV.

Image from OVA3 - 16m47s

The tourist information board behind Nanako and Yukari got a picture and info about Kondō Isami on it.

Image from OVA3 - 21m00s

Full view of the jinya remains.

Image from OVA3 - 21m07s

Everybody joins in on the shot.

Image from OVA3 - 15m56s

Another place shown in the same OVA is this Kikkoman mirin brewery. I've marked a path from the jinya remains to a building close to this place in the map below.

And since I already was in the area I also checked out Nagareyama Station again where they still had the Locodol cardboard cutout.

Location map:

These locations were visited on 2016/10/04.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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