Monday, December 7, 2015

Non Non Biyori - Roadside

Close to all the AnoHana locations in Chichibu there were also a Non Non Biyori location. Since I was already in the same city I decided to take a look. The closest train station is Urayamaguchi Station.

Image from S2E7 - 14m32s

The first place you'll get to from the train station is this water spring.

Image from S2E7 - 14m35s

View from the road.

Image from S2E7 - 14m42s

Renge spots the water.

Image from S2E7 - 14m59s

There are some differences, but this is close to some other places seen in the anime as well, so this is it.

Image from S1E12 - 10m30s

Next up is this broken wall. There's a fork in the road right here, so if you want to see more Non Non Biyori locations you need to go to the left.

Image from S1E4 - 16m11s

A small roadside shrine where Renge and Honoka rested.

Image from S1E12 - 09m54s

A bit further up the road from the temple is this place. You can see the matching stone slabs here.

Image from S1E4 - 16m01s

And finally there's this place where the walking path meets the road. I've marked the full path from Urayamaguchi Station that runs through all the locations shown and ends up in this place on the map below.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2015/09/28.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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  1. OMG wow! Those are all beautiful places. Thank you!