Sunday, December 20, 2015

Girls und Panzer Gallery

In Resort Outlets Ōarai I also found the Ōarai Girls und Panzer Gallery, so here's some pictures.

Outside view of the gallery. It's on the second floor of the mall.

A map of the gallery outside.

Football uniforms.

Cardboard cutouts of characters from the movie.

A bunch of shikishi autograph boards.

More cutouts, this time of the Anglerfish Team.

The entrance to the gallery.

They had the movie trailer running here.

Various displays with information.

A cardboard cutout of Kiyoshi Sugiyama, the Girls und Panzer producer.

Clothes on display.

Closer look at the t-shirts.

And a map of all the tankery schools.

Halloween display.

Banners on the wall.

And framed posters.

More Anglerfish Team cardboard cutouts.

Business cards and pin buttons.

Girls und Panzer food display.

Closer look at the tank shaped food.

Various dishes you can get from shops in the area.

Even more dishes.

Model tank display.

Various goods on display including fans.


And even train grab handles.

A guestbook here too of course.

Signed this one too.

They also had a gift shop with lots of goods for sale.


Snacks and drinks.

Model tanks and puzzles.


Figures and even more model tanks.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2015/10/03.


  1. Why Girls und Panzer has Closed?

    1. Says it's still there on the Resort Outlets Ōarai website though:

      Looks like it's been moved from the palm court area to the market garden area on the downloadable map though.