Wednesday, December 23, 2015

noitaminA Shop

In Aqua City Odaiba there's a noitaminA Shop. Since I was already nearby I went to check it out.

noitaminA sign outside the shop.

The Perfect Insider display.

Last time I went to Tokyo they had a Punch Line display in the same space.

Lots of goods for sale including AnoHana and Ping Pong stuff.

They had a lot more AnoHana items last time I were here.

Psycho-Pass figures.

And lots of Psycho-Pass goods.

Even more Psycho-Pass goods. In addition they also have a café area here where you can get anime inspired food.

Another Punch Line display.

I also saw these Show by Rock cardboard cutouts outside a nearby store this time.

And I went to the nearby Tokyo Joypolis where they had this Psycho-Pass attraction. Unfortunately it was closed. They had a Parasyte attraction as well, but that was based on the live action movie.

In the Tokyo Joypolis shop they had lots of Sonic goods.

To be expected since Joypolis is owned by Sega.

They also had Psycho-Pass goods here.

And some Ace Attorney stuff.

They did have an Ace Attorney attraction, but you had to be able to read Japanese to understand it. I got this pamphlet you used for the attraction though.

No map since these are famous tourist attractions.

These locations were visited on 2015/10/09 and 2015/05/13.

noitaminA Shop official website
Tokyo Joypolis official website

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