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The Eccentric Family - Arima Onsen

In the second season of The Eccentric Family we see Yasaburo visiting Arima Onsen.

Image from S2E6 - 04m51s

This road is located between Arima Onsen Station and the main parts of the town. The red bridge in the background is called Nene-bashi.

Image from S2E6 - 04m56s

Yasaburo is looking at...

Image from S2E6 - 04m58s

Kin no Yu.

Image from S2E6 - 05m02s

Kin no Yu is one of the public onsen bath houses in Arima. The insides match what's shown in the anime as well, but no pictures allowed there.

Image from S2E6 - 06m29s

After going to Kin no Yu, Yasaburo goes to the café on the second floor here. In the background on the top right you can see the roof of Zenpuku-ji Temple.

Unfortunately the café was closed when I visited, so I couldn't get pictures inside.

Image from S2E6 - 08m56s

Though the café windows Yasaburo spots...

Image from S2E6 - 08m55s

Benten and other Friday Fellows.

Image from S2E6 - 08m57s

Benten and the others is at the souvenir shop on the right. On the left is the bus terminal where you'll arrive if you take a bus instead of the train to get here.

Image from S2E6 - 09m03s

Yasaburo hiding behind this mailbox. The stairs up to Zenpuku-ji Temple is in the background.

Image from S2E6 - 09m04s

Closeup of the road between the bus terminal and souvenir shop. This road leads up to Kin no Yu in real life.

Image from S2E6 - 09m24s

Yasaburo follows Benten and the others to this ice cream shop.

Image from S2E6 - 09m26s

Reverse view. If you look closely at the picture here you can spot a cardboard cutout inside the shop on the left.

It was cardboard cutouts of Rinka and Fuuka Arima, characters from Onsen Musume.

On the table there were Onsen Musume beef curry rice for sale.

Image from S2E6 - 09m36s

Benten buys ice cream from the ice cream shop.

Image from S2E6 - 09m45s

Before everybody heads to their hotel.

Image from S2E6 - 09m51s

Yasaburo still tailing them. This corner of the wall is slightly different than what's shown in the anime.

Image from S2E6 - 09m54s

The stairs here are a bit further away from the corner of the wall in real life.

Image from S2E6 - 09m55s

Yasaburo hiding behind the wall.

Image from S2E6 - 10m05s

Before running over to the hotel.

Image from S2E6 - 10m08s

This place is called Point Vacation Arima in real life. I've marked a path from the ice cream shop to this place in the map below.

At the local tourist information office I saw more Onsen Musume items.

Another cardboard cutout of Fuuka Arima.

And a signed Onsen Musume poster.

I also saw this Naruto and Boruto decorated bus here.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2019/04/16 and 2019/04/17.

Arima Onsen official website

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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