Saturday, June 22, 2019

K-On - Tojikawara Children's Park

I also visited the park where Yui performs after practicing by the riverside in K-On. The closest train station is Shugakuin Station.

Image from S2E9 - 05m46s

The park is first shown in a flashback.

Image from S2E9 - 05m55s

When Yui's neighbor helps Yui find a toy she's lost.

Image from S2E9 - 18m41s

The talent show is on a stage in front of this building.

Image from S2E9 - 19m49s

Yui and Azusa ready to perform.

Image from S2E9 - 19m57s

Everybody else are watching.

Image from S2E9 - 20m45s

Full view of the park from the road.

Image from S2E9 - 20m54s

Swing set inside the park.

Image from S2E9 - 20m57s

After the performance...

Image from S2E9 - 20m59s

Yui offers her neighbor the prize they got.

Image from S2E9 - 21m11s

Yui's neighbor compliments Yui.

Image from S2E9 - 21m19s

Reverse view.

Image from S2E10 - 13m52s

The park is also shown in the next episode on the right here.

Image from S2E10 - 14m05s

When everybody meets with Norimi from Death Devil. I couldn't get a reverse shot here since there were lots of people in the park.

Image from S2E10 - 10m45s

I did get a shot of this building that is shown on the left of Mugi here though.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2019/04/20.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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