Saturday, June 1, 2019

K-On - School Revisit

On this trip I also went back to the old Toyosato Elementary School which was shown in K-On. For comparison shots, check out my posts of the outsides, the insides and the music rooms.

This is the platform at Toyosato Station.

They were actually changing the station signs when I visited. These new ones had Akane Toyosato, the Tetsudou Musume character for Ohmi Railway, on it.

One of the old signs.

At the train platform they also had these illustrations by Sunameri Oishii on display.

The train timetable. Mostly just 1 train an hour out here.

I saw a lot more of these K-On tobidashi figures this time, including this Azusa one.

The Mugi one I also saw the last time.

Inside the shop where the Mugi tobidashi was located, they still had some K-On things on display.

Still mostly illustrations and posters.

The Mio poster I saw in the window of the shop the last time was now inside.

Various posters outside.

The place where I saw the Yui figure the last time now had a Mio one instead.

Closeup of Mio.

This Ritsu one had been damaged.

The Yui one was now at the road in front of the school.

It had a bit of damage as well.

I also saw a Nodoka one nearby.

Image from S1E1 - 01m36s

A shot of the school building. I also posted more comparison shots of the outsides, the insides and the music rooms.

I checked out the shop area of the old school building again.

Here they still had tons of K-On items on display.

Lots of figures.

Manga, illustration works and other books.

Plushies, cups and plates.

Illustrations, models and a big Azusa pillow.

Guitars and also a place to hang ema on the right here.

Lots of these cards and some ema here. Warning: These are extra large pictures to show more details.

Some closeups.

Keyboards and a drum set on the left here and more manga on the right.

Closeup of the manga.

The stairway leads up to the second floor.

Where there's more items on display.

Lots of cardboard cutouts.

Shikishi sign boards and more instruments, including guitars.

Closeup of the guitars.

A few more cardboard cutouts.

Some small K-On figures near the area where you could pick up tourist flyers as well.

They still had lots of K-On woodblock stamps you could use.

And K-On decorated lockers.

Lots of different items for sale in the shop itself.

Including K-On items.

Some Akane Toyosato goods on the left here.

Illustrations for the National Anime Holy Land Summit in Toyosato made by Ragho no Erika in 2014.

Gashapon machine for the same event.

They also sold Ton-chan bread here called Ton-pan.

Shaped like a turtle of course.

Yui plushie with a Love Live Sunshine You cap in the cashier area of the shop for some reason.

Some event flyers I picked up. One for a K-On event at the school and another for a Tamako Market event in Kyoto.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2019/04/15.

School official website

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