Saturday, June 8, 2019

K-On - Shimogamo Shizuhara Ohara Line Locations

Next, I checked out K-On locations along the Shimogamo Shizuhara Ohara Line, also known as Kyoto Prefectural Road Route 40. I've also made a separate post about Yui, Mio, Ritsu and Mugi running on this road. The closest subway station is Kitayama Station on Kitayama-dori.

Image from S2E15 - 06m59s

This is looking towards the south. A lot of the buildings here has been changed, but you can see some still matching on the right here.

Image from S2E15 - 06m36s

Sawako drives up this narrow road.

Image from S2E15 - 06m39s

Further along the road is this hill.

Image from S2E15 - 06m44s

You can't get the top of the hill in the same picture in real life, so here's a picture of that.

Image from S2E15 - 12m14s

The hill is also shown later in the same episode.

Image from S2E15 - 12m11s

Once again you can't see the top from this angle.

Image from S2E15 - 12m02s

Ui, Jun and Azusa at the top.

Image from S2E15 - 06m50s

Sawako is also driving further along the road.

Image from S2E15 - 06m53s

And she passes this small park.

Image from S2E15 - 06m56s

Which seems to be called Hataeda-shoda Park in real life.

Image from S2E15 - 11m54s

This is where the drink station is set up later in the episode too.

Image from S2E15 - 06m27s

Sawako is also shown driving on another road close to Hataeda-shoda Park. I've marked a path between all these locations in the map below.

Location map:

These locations were visited on 2019/04/18.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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