Monday, June 3, 2019

K-On - School Inside

In addition to the outsides and the music rooms, I also got some K-On comparison pics of the rest of the insides of the old Toyosato Elementary School.

Image from S2E5 - 18m45s

This shoe locker, which can be seen on the left in the anime shot, is at the front entrance of the main school building.

Image from S1E1 - 05m23s

View towards the left side of the main building on 1F.

Image from S2E1 - 00m07s

And towards the right side of the same floor.

Image from S2E1 - 01m17s

Stairs up to 2F in the middle of the building.

Image from K-On movie - 15m12s

Closeup of the tortoise and hare decoration on the handrail.

Image from S2E5 - 04m26s

Further up the stairs at 2F.

Image from S1E8 - 11m00s

View towards the right on 2F.

Image from S1E1 - 13m13s

Further down the hallway. There's another stairway going down to 1F at the end here.

Image from S2E26 - 20m24s

Reverse shot of everybody running down the hallway.

Image from S2E26 - 20m45s

And down the stairs at the end.

Image from S2E1 - 02m30s

This is on the left side of 2F. There's another stairway at this end too.

Image from S2E21 - 07m19s

Reverse view.

Image from S1E1 - 19m41s

This hand wash basin is also on the left side of 2F.

Image from S2E1 - 03m15s

Back to the stairs in the middle of the building where it also goes up to 3F.

Image from S1E1 - 06m49s

Up here on 3F is where the music room is located in the show.

Image from S1E5 - 09m42s

Closer view. The music room is on the right here and on the left is the room that's shown as the light music club room.

Image from S2E25 - 05m43s

The doors to the light music club room. I also got pictures inside the club room.

Image from S2E17 - 03m45s

Back down the stairs.

Image from S2E6 - 09m27s

View of 2F from the stairs.

Image from S1E1 - 13m14s

Closer view. The door seen on 2F here is a single one and not a double.

Image from S2E6 - 10m37s

On 2F there was also a classroom that still had desks.

Image from S2E8 - 20m51s

The teachers desk at the front of the room.

Image from S2E20 - 02m20s

I also checked out the assembly hall.

Image from S1E1 - 01m43s

Yui sitting at the front row in the hall.

Image from S2E15 - 02m25s

This room is in front of the assembly hall itself. The hallway where Azusa comes running from connects the assembly hall to the main school building.

Image from S1E11 - 15m38s

Closeup of the hallway.

Image from K-On movie - 27m30s

In the room at the end of the hallway there's some shoe lockers as well. They look more basic than the ones in the show though.

Image from K-On movie - 01m39s

The building where the shop is located is shown as the library in the anime.

Image from S2E9 - 14m17s

Azusa and Yui studying.

Image from S1E11 - 15m36s

The stairway up to 2F here is shown in a quick shot as well.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2019/04/15.

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