Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Your Name - JR Train Stations

Together with Michael Vito I spent a day going to places in Tokyo shown in various trailers (since the movie isn't out on DVD yet) for Makoto Shinkai's Your Name. A lot of these places were near or at JR Train Stations.

Image from Fun!Tokyo! CM - 00m06s

The day before, I actually got this shot in front of Tokyo Station Marunouchi Central Exit. Unfortunately, they were doing some construction work here, but you can see the station building itself at least.

They also had these posters from the Fun!Tokyo! CM inside the building. The ad is for a stamp really you could do by scanning the QR codes on various posters.

Image from Fun!Tokyo! CM - 00m04s

In front of Sendagaya Station where they were also doing some work, so the actual entrance was closed and they had set up an alternative one.

Another one of the Fun!Tokyo! posters.

Image from Teaser Trailer 1 - 00m30s

This place is in front of Shinanomachi Station.

Image from Teaser Trailer 1 - 00m31s

Here you can also find this overpass. I've marked the path from Shinanomachi Station to this overpass in the location map below.

Image from Suntory Water Overlapping Thoughts CM - 00m05s

This overpass also seem to be the location of this shot.

Image from Smash Hit 30 Sec TVCM - 00m24s

Closeup of Mitsuha running down the overpass stairs.

Image from Fun!Tokyo! CM - 00m05s

This is outside Yotsuya Station Akasaka Exit.

Image from Trailer 2 - 00m56s

This is inside Yoyogi Station on the Chūō-Sōbu Line platform towards Ochanomizu, Akihabara, Funabashi, and Chiba. The yellow Yoyogi sign is further from the bench in real life. And you can see a Fun!Tokyo! ad in the anime shot.

Image from Smash Hit 30 Sec TVCM - 00m25s

A shot of the same bench a bit further away.

Image from Teaser Trailer 2 - 00m20s

Mitsuha running after the train. You can see the last 2 hiragana characters in Yoyogi on the sign in the anime shot.

More Fun!Tokyo! posters inside Yoyogi Station.

Image from Teaser Trailer 3 - 00m11s

This is Tsutaya Shibuya across the Shibuya Crossing near Shibuya Station Hachikō Exit.

You can get a more closely matching shot from inside the station, but it was raining when we were there and you had to use heavy zoom so the picture came out awful :P

Location map:

These locations were visited on 2016/09/19, 2016/09/23 and 2016/09/28. Tokyo Station images are from 2016/09/18.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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