Thursday, November 10, 2016

Your Lie in April - Cake Shop

Between Ōizumi-gakuen Station and Kami-Shakujii Station there's a cake shop that Kousei and Kaori visits in Your Lie in April.

Image from Episode 3 - 00m01s

Shop entrance.

This outside of this shop is actually the same one that can be seen in an episode of Locodol.

Image from Episode 3 - 00m18s

Unlike Locodol the insides also match though.

Image from Episode 3 - 02m06s

Reverse shot.

Image from Episode 3 - 01m58s

Cakes and sweets for sale on these tables and shelves that's the same as in the show.

Image from Episode 3 - 02m38s

Closeup of the windows behind Kousei.

Image from Episode 3 - 03m00s

Lots of different coffee cups on the shelves, just like in the anime.

Image from Episode 3 - 04m13s

There's a fireplace instead of a piano here in real life.

Image from Episode 3 - 04m33s

Corner table.

Image from Episode 13 - 20m40s

Another shot from a later episode.

Image from Episode 3 - 00m03s

I got one of these waffles dishes while visiting this shop.

Image from Episode 1 - 06m10s

Nearby is also this convenience store, which is a Circle K and not a Lawson in real life. I've marked the path from the cake shop to this place in the map below.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/09/25.

Cake shop official website

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:


  1. Oh my god I am obsessed with your blog!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!
    Would it be okay if I made a YouTube video based off this information? I will credit you of course :)

    1. Sure. Post a link here in the comments when you're done.