Sunday, November 20, 2016

Kinmoza! - Park

Close to the second crossroad near Keisei-Usui Station there's also a small park that's in Kiniro Mosaic that I visited.

Image from S1E05 - 09m51s

The gang arriving at the park.

Image from S1E05 - 10m01s

This sandbox area got a different shape.

Image from S1E05 - 10m16s

Park pergola.

Image from S1E05 - 10m21s

Isami taking pictures of Karen.

Image from S1E05 - 10m22s

Another picture.

Image from S1E05 - 10m23s

Reverse angle.

Image from S1E05 - 10m28s

Yoko asking Isami to be in some pictures with them.

Image from S1E05 - 10m31s

This park bench has been moved further to the left compared to the anime.

Image from S1E05 - 10m37s

The swingset matches.

Image from S1E05 - 10m38s

The other park bench in the background here is still in the same place.

Image from S1E05 - 10m50s

Same type of windows on the building on the right.

Image from S1E05 - 20m36s

Another picture of the swingset in this flashback.

Image from S1E05 - 20m42s

Closer shot.

Image from S1E06 - 18m50s

After visiting Makata Shrine in episode 6 they also go back to the park to set off fireworks.

Image from S1E06 - 18m59s

Karen, Alice and Shinobu enjoying firework sparklers.

Image from S1E06 - 19m06s

Yoko and Aya under the pergola.

Image from S1E06 - 19m11s

Yoko puts band-aids on Aya's foot.

Image from S1E06 - 19m14s

Pergola roof.

Image from S1E06 - 19m38s

Isami walks in.

Image from S1E06 - 19m40s

And they ask her to join them for firework sparklers.

Image from S1E06 - 19m42s

The base around the tree in the background is shown as both square and round in different episodes, but it's square in real life.

Image from S1E06 - 19m48s

Isami shows Alice and Karen the watermelon she's bought.

Image from S1E06 - 19m59s

Closeup of the park light.

Image from S1E06 - 20m00s

They continue to set off more fireworks.

Image from S1E06 - 20m02s

Closer shot of Alice and Shinobu with firework sparklers.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/10/01.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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