Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Kinmoza! - Mimomi Hongo Park

Between Mimomi Station and Chiba Prefectural Mimomi High School there's a park called Mimomi Hongo Park that's also shown in both first season of Kiniro Mosaic and the second (Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic).

Image from S1E03 - 06m35s

This road leads down to the park.

Kiniro Mosaic Key Visual 4

This road was also seen in the fourth key visual for the first season.

Image from S2E01 - 20m18s

Pavement detail.

Image from S2E01 - 21m28s

Reverse shot.

Image from S2E03 - 11m49s

The building on the left matches.

Image from S2E03 - 12m02s

Shinobu gets scared by a dog.

Image from S1E02 - 01m47s

Inside the park itself there's this small bridge.

Image from S1E08 - 02m14s

Which is shown in several episodes.

Image from S1E01 - 21m26s

This path inside the park shown during the credits of the first episode is leading up to the bridge when leaving the school.

Image from S2E01 - 02m27s

Another shot of the path from the second season.

Image from S2E02 - 02m38s

This gate which can also be seen in the previous shot is in the season 2 OP.

Image from S2E11 - 05m36s

This park is also shown during a segment when Karen and Honoka is hanging out together.

Image from S2E11 - 05m46s

If you look closely you can see a jungle gym that matches in the background.

Image from S2E11 - 05m48s

Closeup of the jungle gym.

Image from S2E11 - 05m57s

Karen on one of the slides.

Image from S2E11 - 06m01s

The park benches are placed differently in real life.

Image from S2E11 - 06m03s

This area also got this rope slide.

Image from S2E11 - 06m04s

View of the whole rope slide.

Image from S2E11 - 06m15s

Closer look at the end of the rope slide.

Image from S2E11 - 06m24s

Karen and Honoka sitting at one of the park benches.

Image from S2E11 - 08m13s

There's also a duck pond in the park.

Image from S2E11 - 08m39s

Honoka gives Karen a piece of candy.

Image from S2E11 - 09m59s

And then they sit down at this pavilion near the pond.

Image from S2E11 - 10m01s

Closeup of the sitting area.

Image from S2E11 - 10m41s

You can see the pond fence in the background.

Image from S2E11 - 10m51s

And finally another shot of the pavilion.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/10/01 and 2016/10/07.

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