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Kinmoza! - School

Near Mimomi Station the school from Kiniro Mosaic, which of course is shown in both the first season and the second (Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic), is located.

Image from S2E01 - 02m28s

The first place you'll get to if you walk from Mimomi Station is this side entrance to the school which was shown in season 2.

Image from S2E04 - 03m20s

Closer look at the side entrance.

Image from S2E04 - 03m21s

At the top of the hill at the side entrance. You can see a part of the bike shed and the yellow wire running to the building that's the same in the shot I got.

Image from S2E04 - 19m05s

Slightly different view of the side entrance.

Image from S2E09 - 10m05s

Near the side entrance is also this tennis court that is shown in the anime. Couldn't get the exact same angle without trespassing, so this shot was the best I could get.

Image from S1E01 - 16m18s

If you continue past the side entrance you'll get this side view of one of the school buildings.

Image from S1E01 - 16m22s

And then you'll get to this downwards hill that leads to the main school entrance.

Image from S1E01 - 16m24s

This shot of the school, which is called Chiba Prefectural Mimomi High School in real-life, is used in several episodes of both seasons.

Image from S1E02 - 20m23s

The gang leaving the school walking up the hill.

Image from S1E02 - 20m38s

Both the fences and the buildings in the background matches.

Image from S1E02 - 20m43s

To the right of here are the side view of the school and the side entrance.

Image from S1E02 - 21m06s

The building to the left and the transmission tower matches.

Image from S1E01 - 21m23s

The same transmission tower was also shown during the credits scene of the first episode of season 1.

Image from S1E04 - 20m30s

Another episode from the first season where they're shown walking home together from school.

Image from S1E04 - 20m32s

The buildings behind Yoko is a bit larger in the anime.

Image from S1E04 - 20m49s

Reverse angle.

Image from S2E05 - 19m55s

And yet another shot of the hill from season 2.

Image from S2E02 - 02m32s

The teachers standing near the main entrance from the second season OP.

Image from S2E02 - 02m33s

And another shot from the same OP.

Image from S1E07 - 00m04s

A slightly closer shot of the school. The bushes and trees around the parking lot in the middle are the same.

Image from S1E08 - 18m47s

The main entrance decorated for the school festival in the anime.

Image from S1E12 - 05m17s

Roof detail of one of the school buildings.

Image from S2E02 - 21m10s

This building entrance is slightly different.

Image from S2E04 - 18m05s

The trees of the parking lot is missing in the anime shot, but otherwise it matches.

Image from S2E07 - 05m53s

Karasuma puts on an animal costume she found.

Image from S2E07 - 06m05s

And she greets the students in it together with Kuzehashi.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/10/01 and 2016/10/07.

If you decide to visit this place yourself, do remember that it is a school still in use and you should NOT enter it.

School official website

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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