Friday, November 18, 2016

Oreimo - Airport

In the fourth OVA, also known as episode 15, of the first season of Oreimo we see Narita airport at the end of the episode.

Image from S1OVA4 - 25m15s

Outside Terminal 1. I actually took this picture on an earlier trip to Japan.

Image from S1OVA4 - 25m23s

This is inside the south wing of Terminal 2 looking down on the international arrival floor from the second floor.

Image from S1OVA4 - 25m27s

Kuroneko running to meet...

Image from S1OVA4 - 25m31s

Kirino and Kyosuke.

Image from S1OVA4 - 25m32s

The video screen in the background has been removed in real life.

Image from S1OVA4 - 25m36s

Kirino happy to see Kuroneko.

Image from S1OVA4 - 26m00s

And Kuroneko smiling back.

Image from S1OVA4 - 26m04s

No pillars to the right in real life.

Image from S1OVA4 - 26m07s

But the giant arrivals information board is still the same.

Image from S1OVA4 - 26m11s

Airport limousine bus desk.

Image from S1OVA4 - 26m13s

Desk is slightly different from the anime, but still recognizable.

Image from S1OVA4 - 26m20s

Another shot towards the arrivals information board.

Image from S1OVA4 - 26m55s

The other end of the arrivals information board on the right.

Image from S1OVA4 - 27m05s

Kirino looks at Kyosuke.

Image from S1OVA4 - 27m16s

And then she runs off with Kuroneko. This is another shot taken from the second floor.

Image from S1OVA4 - 27m18s

One of the terminal exits on the right in this shot.

Image from S1OVA4 - 27m21s

Closeup of the sign, which has been changed.

No map since it's just Narita Airport.

This location was visited on 2016/10/01. The Terminal 1 picture is from 2016/04/01.

Narita airport official website

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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