Sunday, November 20, 2016

Kinmoza! - Crossroads

Near Keisei-Usui Station there's 2 crossroads that's shown in first season of Kiniro Mosaic and the second (Hello!! Kin-iro Mosaic).

Image from S1E03 - 10m32s

The whole gang standing at the first crossroad.

Image from S1E03 - 10m44s

Alice yelling at Karen.

Image from S1E03 - 10m52s

Jolly Pasta place in the background.

Image from S1E04 - 22m26s

A shot from in front of Jolly Pasta towards the west.

Image from S1E04 - 22m28s

The building to the right is a confectionery store.

Image from S1E12 - 00m37s

Crossing light in front of the store.

Image from S1E12 - 00m39s

Another shot of Karen in front of the same store.

Image from S2E05 - 20m09s

The rest of the gang on the other side of the zebra crossing.

Image from S2E09 - 15m26s

Another angle of the same side of the crossing.

Image from S2E09 - 15m29s

Reverse shot.

Image from S2E09 - 15m32s

Another view of Jolly Pasta.

Image from S2E09 - 16m16s

Crossing light near Jolly Pasta.

Image from S2E09 - 16m36s

There's a sushi and tendon place behind Jolly Pasta.

Image from S2E09 - 20m54s

Managed to get a shot with matching street lights.

Image from S1E05 - 11m35s

On the way to the other crossing. You can see the matching pattern in the pavement.

Image from S1E11 - 02m47s

The building here is similar to the one in the anime.

Image from S2E07 - 14m41s

The building on the left here is also similar.

Image from S1E02 - 01m34s

This is at the other crossroad.

Image from S1E03 - 20m22s

Alice and Shinobu waving goodbye to Yoko and Aya.

Image from S1E04 - 22m34s

Another shot of the same side of the crossroad.

Image from S1E10 - 07m49s

A place called Café Rose Garden in the background here.

Image from S1E10 - 07m52s

Closeup of the café. I've marked the path from Jolly Pasta to this place in the map below.

Image from S1E10 - 08m09s

Bus stop that can be seen from the crossroad.

Image from S1E11 - 00m17s

A shot from in front of Café Rose Garden.

Image from S2E05 - 20m14s

And another angle of the same building seen in the previous shot.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2016/10/01.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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