Saturday, February 29, 2020

Keihan Railway x Sound! Euphonium 2019

Another thing I checked out was the Keihan Railway x Sound! Euphonium 2019 collaboration.

Just like the last time, they had cardboard cutouts at various stations, including this one of Satsuki Suzuki, Mirei Suzuki and Hazuki Katou at Chūshojima Station.

One of Natsuki Nakagawa and Yuuko Yoshikawa at Keihan Rokujizō Station. On the left on the wall you can see a notice.

It was telling people not to visit the Kyoto Animation Studio 1 building after everything that had happened.

At Keihan Rokujizō Station they still had this ad for the KyoAni & Do Shop with Natsuki and Yuuko on it.

And the one with Midori and Hazuki.

Sapphire 'Midori' Kawashima and Kanade Hisaishi at Keihan Ōbaku Station.

While taking the trains I also saw this ad for the collaboration. The right side of the ad had information about the Ishiyama Sakamoto Line and the Sound! Euphonium decorated train, which I didn't have time to check out this time.

Kumiko Oumae and Reina Kousaka was at Keihan Uji Station.

The last place I checked out was the tourist information center in Uji along the Ajirogi-no-michi Street.

This was the new cardboard cutout here of Kanade and Kumiko from Sound! Euphonium the Movie: Oath's Finale (also known as Sound! Euphonium: Our Promise: A Brand New Day).

They also had cardboard cutouts from other things this time. These ones were from the anime movie Hello World.

And this one for the mobile game Kyoutou Project.

Still various Sound! Euphonium items on display here too.

And the guestbook area.

Up to volume 38 now.

Lots of drawings and signatures as usual.

And I signed again.

Here's a picture of a Keihan Railway x Sound! Euphonium 2019 location map and train pass I got.

No location map since it's just locations I've visited before.

These locations were visited on 2019/11/10.

Keihan Railway x Sound! Euphonium official website

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