Wednesday, February 5, 2020

K-On - Live Passion Location

Another place I visited in Kyoto is the location of the performance venue shown in the Live House episode of the first season of K-On.

Image from S1E14 - 05m47s

The place seems to be called Live Passion in the show. There's now a hotel here in real life, but when the anime was made there was a yakiniku barbecue restaurant located here called Jonetsu Horumon that looked more like the building in the show.

Image from S1E14 - 16m32s

Jun, Ui and Nodoka arrives to watch the live show, and they spot...

Image from S1E14 - 16m33s

A long queue of other people lining up.

Image from S1E14 - 16m34s

Ui wonders if Yui will be ok playing for such a big crowd.

Image from S1E14 - 16m42s

But then they're met by Yui who is all excited. Only the bridge here seems to still match. I've marked a path from the bridge to the Live Passion location in the map below.

Image from S1E14 - 17m07s

Ui realizes that she doesn't have to worry about Yui.

Image from S1E14 - 18m34s

Everybody waits outside after the show has finished.

Image from S1E14 - 18m51s

And they compliment the group for their performance.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2019/11/03.

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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