Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Sound! Euphonium Train

This time while in Kyoto I also checked out the Sound! Euphonium decorated train. This is a Keihan train on the Ishiyama Sakamoto Line between Ishiyamadera Station and Sakamoto-hieizanguchi Station, which is in Ōtsu and not Uji.

The train had 2 cars. This is the front of one of the cars.

Full view of the train car.

Front of the second train car.

And a full view.

On the fronts of the train cars they had Liz und ein BlauerVogel (Liz and the Blue Bird) emblems.

The decorated train will be running until the end of July 2019.

Closeup of Kumiko and Reina on the left side of the first car.

And Hazuki and Sapphire.

On the right side of the second car they had Mizore and Nozomi.

Left side of the second car.

Different images of Kumiko and Reina.

Hazuki and Sapphire.

And Nozomi and Mizore on the right side of the first car. Couldn't see Nozomi properly because of the open door though.

Another decoration on the right side of the first car.

Not a lot of decorations inside the cars themselves.

Except for the hanging straps. Kumiko and Reina again.

Hazuki and Sapphire.

Mizore and Nozomi.

And finally Natsuki and Yuuko, and Asuka, Kaori and Haruka.

At Ishiyamadera Station they also had this stamp and a poster of the Keihan mascot character Tomoka Ishiyama.

I also went back to Uji. They still had the Kumiko cardboard cutout at the tourist information center outside JR Uji Station.

Choco de Ninmari has unfortunately closed down, so there's no Kumiko tobidashi figure here now.

At the other tourist information center in Uji along the Ajirogi-no-michi Street they had a new Sound! Euphonium cardboard cutout.

They still had the old one as well.

Still guestbooks and a new Liz und ein BlauerVogel (Liz and the Blue Bird) poster.

Lots of new signatures.

I signed it yet again.

At several of the Keihan Uji Line train stations they also had new cardboard cutouts. This one was at Keihan Uji Station.

This flower shop is right next to Mimurodo Station.

It's not shown in the anime, but fans have left Sound! Euphonium items here.

This cardboard cutout was at Obaku Station.

Image from S1E9 - 08m09s

I went to the bakery next to Obaku Station shown in the first season yet again.

They had less Sound! Euphonium items on display this time, but there were still some.

I also made another stop at the main Kyoto Animation office.

Liz und ein BlauerVogel (Liz and the Blue Bird) posters here this time.

And Violet Evergarden ones.

The KyoAni & Do Shop. Unfortunately I visited on a Thursday so it was closed.

Liz und ein BlauerVogel (Liz and the Blue Bird) and Violet Evergarden posters at the shop too.

New items for sale on display.

Still KyoAni & Do Shop ads at the nearby Kowata Station.

And two more at Keihan Rokujizo Station.

At Keihan Rokujizo Station they also had another cardboard cutout.

And finally the last new cardboard cutout at Chūshojima Station.

No location map since it's just a Keihan Ishiyama Sakamoto Line train and locations I've visited before.

These locations were visited on 2018/04/05.

Train official website

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