Friday, February 21, 2020

Sound! Euphonium - Actpal Uji Outside

On this trip I finally had a chance to check out Actpal Uji which was shown in 2 episodes of the second season of Sound! Euphonium. It's pretty far from any kind of public transport so it's best to rent a car to get there. This post got pictures outside, but I also got some from inside the main hall, the cafeteria and a passage that's shown several times.

Image from S2E2 - 12m23s

This is outside the main building which houses the main hall and a cafeteria. The dome on the top of the building is an astronomical observatory.

Image from S2E2 - 17m24s

Closeup of the astronomical observatory dome.

Image from S2E3 - 01m48s

Next to the main building is the gymnasium on the left here.

Image from S2E2 - 13m00s

Reverse view from the other end of the main building.

Image from S2E3 - 20m25s

The area got lots of mountains around it.

Image from S2E3 - 20m29s

This road is next to the main building.

Image from S2E3 - 20m34s

Kumiko walks along the road.

Image from S2E3 - 20m31s

No flowers blooming when I visited.

Image from S2E3 - 20m39s

You can see the main building in the background here. Kumiko notices...

Image from S2E3 - 20m40s

The sun rising behind the mountains.

Image from S2E3 - 20m44s

While continuing walking.

Image from S2E3 - 20m51s

Kumiko then hears somebody playing an euphonium.

Image from S2E3 - 20m55s

And she follows the sounds.

Image from S2E3 - 20m54s

Past this grassy area.

Image from S2E3 - 20m57s

And up these stairs.

Image from S2E3 - 02m05s

The area at the bottom of the stairs was shown in a shot earlier in the episode.

Image from S2E3 - 21m05s

Kumiko makes it to the top of the stairs.

Image from S2E3 - 21m17s

And spots the person playing the euhphonium.

Image from S2E3 - 21m18s

It's Asuka.

Image from S2E3 - 21m24s

The road goes further up in front of Asuka here.

Image from S2E3 - 21m35s

Kumiko continues listening to Asuka playing.

Image from S2E3 - 21m55s

Another shot of Asuka.

Image from S2E3 - 10m22s

If you continue up the road you get to this area.

Image from S2E3 - 10m29s

Kumiko sits on a bench here.

Image from S2E3 - 10m41s

She's joined by Reina.

Image from S2E3 - 10m43s

And they light up senko hanabi sparklers together.

Image from S2E3 - 11m01s

Overhead view.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2019/11/08.

Actpal Uji official website

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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