Saturday, November 25, 2017

Ujibashi-dori Festa 2017

I visited Uji again for some more Sound! Euphonium locations, and I also checked out the Ujibashi-dori Festa 2017 while there.

I arrived at JR Uji Station, so I did my usual thing and checked up on the Kumiko cardboard cutout at the nearby tourist information center.

They had Sound! Euphonium maps again.

Next I went to the Ujibashi-dori Festa area where they had lots of booths set up.

Various activities.

Things for sale.

And food stalls of course.

They also had a stage here. Unfortunately a lot of the planned performances were canceled because of the incoming typhoon Lan including the ones I had come to see.

Lots of rain.

But still a decent amount of people there.

Along Ujibashi-dori is also this chocolate cake shop called Choco de Ninmari, which is owned by Ai-san who's a big fan of Sound! Euphonium and Kyoto Animation.

So lots of people have left Sound! Euphonium goods here, like this Kumiko tobidashi figure, even if the shop itself is not shown in the anime.

The other side of the Kumiko tobidashi figure. I've marked the location of Choco de Ninmari in the map below.

Sound! Euphonium poster outside.

There's also this Sound! Euphonium location map made by seki_saima.

Inside the shop there's lots of illustrations.

A Rikka Takanashi one from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions on the left here.

On the right there's a cross stitched picture of Kumiko and Asuka.

Some anime ema and a model of the shop somebody made on the left.

Closeup of the model of the shop with Sound! Euphonium characters visiting. There's also a Sound! Euphonium sightseeing guide made by seki_saima for sale here.

A Silent Voice poster. If you look closely at the picture, you can also see a Tuba-kun speaker above the door on the right.

Sound! Euphonium books and shikishi at the counter.

The shikishi signature boards are by Nikki Asada (the book illustrator) on the left and the Sound! Euphonium author Ayano Takeda on the right.

Various chocolate cakes and also hot chocolate for sale.

More illustrations on the side of the counter.

And on the top.

Near the small sitting area inside there was a guestbook, free Sound! Euphonium maps and this Seichi Runner sightseeing guide with information about Sound! Euphonium, Your Name and Love Live! Sunshine locations among others.

Lots of people had signed the guestbook.

I signed it as well of course.

I also went back to the other tourist information center in Uji along the Ajirogi-no-michi Street.

And had a look at the guestbook there again as well.

I signed this one too.

And last I checked out the Sound! Euphonium ema at Uji Shrine.

Some closeup shots of the ema.

I grabbed one of the Sound! Euphonium maps they had at the tourist information center.

And I also met seki_saima later on this trip so I got a copy of the Sound! Euphonium map and the sightseeing guide from him in addition to a clear file!

Location map:

These locations were visited on 2017/10/21. Some of the Choco de Ninmari pictures are also from 2017/10/27.

Ujibashi-dori official website
Choco de Ninmari official website

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