Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Encouragement of Climb - Cake Shop

Down the street from Hannō Station is the cake shop where Aoi got a part-time job in season 2 of Encouragement of Climb. Here's some pictures of the place.

Image from S2E24 - 05m09s

Outside the shop.

Image from S2E12 - 05m48s

Cardboard cutout of Aoi in school uniform outside.

Image from S2E18 - 06m59s

Inside the shop.

Image from S2E18 - 09m22s

You can see the same bench and the door as in the anime. And there's another Aoi cardboard cutout, this time in the shop uniform.

Image from S2E18 - 06m29s

The cart is the same as in the anime. It's filled with Encouragement of Climb goods for sale and not cakes now though!

There's also various Encouragement of Climb items on display around the shop.

Including these pictures of somebody in animegao visiting the shop.

Image from S2E20 - 01m44s

The curtain and the little shelf on the wall is the same. More goods on display here as well.

Image from S2E18 - 09m07s

I bought one of these cookies which was shown in the show.

Image from S1E05 - 02m54s

Outside again you can see these street lights in this shopping street.

Walking around the street you can spot cardboard cutouts of other characters from the show. Here's Kokona.


And finally Hinata.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2015/09/28 and 2015/09/29.

Cake shop official website

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