Monday, December 14, 2015

Animate Akihabara - Non Non Biyori

In the basement of Animate Akihabara there's an exhibition space. When I visited Tokyo there were a Non Non Biyori exhibition there, so I went to check it out.

The stairway down to the exhibition space was filled with various Non Non Biyori ads.

More ad posters.

In the exhibition space the walls got all these images from the anime on them.

Both from season 1.

And season 2.

Closeup of some of the images from season 1.

In the back of the space they had this bus stop from the show.

With signed cardboard cutouts of the main characters.

And Ren-chons bike.

They also had this cardboard cutout of Suguru.

In the middle of the space there was this wall with various illustrations.

There were manga covers.

And these model sheets.

On the other side of the wall they had some keyframe drawings, a board where you could hang notes and a Ren-chon stamp you could use to stamp things with, but you weren't allowed to take pictures of those.

Not for sale goods on display. On the other side there were shikishi signature boards you weren't allowed to take pictures of either.

Other than that there were lots of goods for sale.

At this exhibition I bought one of these pamphlets from the Nyanpasu Festival live event that happened last year. I also got a free postcard with the purchase and I grabbed one of the notes you could write messages on and stamped it.

The pamphlet have info about all the characters and interviews with the 4 main voice actresses.

And there's also some background illustrations.

No location map since it's no longer there.

This location was visited on 2015/09/27 and 2015/10/01.

Non Non Biyori anime official website

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