Monday, December 21, 2015

Aoki Umeten Art Exhibition

I knew that the Aoki Ume-ten Art Exhibition would take place at the Ueno Royal Museum while I were in Tokyo so I got a ticket and went to check it out.

I got there about 9:50 on the second day, 10 minutes before it opened.

And there were huge lines! The line went from where I stood, snaked around where the huge poster on the wall you see in this picture is and went around a small park area to the entrance that was next to the big poster!

Here's a closer look of that huge poster on the wall.

It was 5 hours of waiting at one point. I "only" had to wait about 3.5 hours though...

The entrance to the exhibition. You can see the huge poster on the wall next to the entrance if you look closely.

Inside you weren't allowed to take pictures, except for this area where they had recreated Yuno's apartment.

The bathroom.

Wash room next to the bathroom.

And the kitchen.

TV in the living room.

A closer look at the noticeboard you can see in the previous picture.

You could also write notes and post them on another noticeboard in this room.

Lots of notes.

A closer look at some of them.

They had these video screens that shows how Ume Aoki works.

After you had checked out the exhibition you could get in another line to check out the gift shop. This line was several hours long as well.

Pillar down by Ueno Station wrapped in the exhibition poster.

I went back on another day and the lines were thankfully shorter. Only had to wait 1 hour to get in on this day.

And I managed to get some pictures of the goods for sale in the gift shop this time.

Lots of goods including phone straps.

And calendars and post cards.

I bought one of these 184 page pictorial records.

Since I bought something I got a bag. And they had notes you could draw Yuno on and a rice noodle recipe at the exhibition. I got 1 pre-order ticket which is the top one to the right and one bought on the day which is the bottom right one. Since I pre-ordered a ticket I also got a ticket holder which is below the rice noodle recipe.

Inside the pictorial record there's a couple of interviews and pictures of all the art from the art exhibition. Some of Ume Aoki's childhood drawings on the right.

They had a video screen with narration showing how to draw the Yuno drawing on the right at the exhibition. You could use one of the notes I posted about above to draw.

Hidamari Sketch artwork from sketches to finished work.

Hidamari Sketch neighborhood and apartment layouts and color palettes.

Puella Magi Madoka Magica sketches.

Madoka and Homura artwork with various information.

Other Ume Aoki artwork, including the Ume wine packaging design.

Illustration of other manga and shows.

Some anime endcards including ones from ef: A Tale of Memories and Gourmet Girl Graffiti.

And even some phone card designs and mascots.

Finally I also picked up one of these Madogatari posters they had there and a Umeten info folder.

No location map since it's no longer there.

This location was visited on 2015/10/04 and 2015/10/07.

Umeten official website

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