Sunday, December 17, 2017

Sound! Euphonium - Uji Bridge Revisit

In the second season of Sound! Euphonium, Uji-bashi Bridge is also shown again.

Image from S2E1 - 32m54s

This is at the east end of the bridge.

Image from S2E8 - 11m00s

At the west end of the bridge Aoi spots Kumiko.

Image from S2E8 - 11m02s

And hears Kumiko's cough.

Image from S2E8 - 11m10s


Image from S2E8 - 11m14s

Aoi and Kumiko talks about the upcoming nationals.

Image from S2E8 - 11m22s

And Aoi's studies.

Image from S2E8 - 11m24s

Aoi tells Kumiko that she passed the mock exams.

Image from S2E8 - 11m30s

And Kumiko wishes her luck on the real one.

Image from S2E8 - 11m35s

Aoi says goodbye.

Image from S2E8 - 11m39s

But Kumiko stops her to ask about Asuka.

Image from S2E8 - 11m43s

The clock in the background here is the one shown in the S1 OP.

Image from S2E8 - 11m45s

This shot seems to be taken from somebody's garden, but I got as close a shot as I could get without trespassing here.

Image from S2E8 - 11m53s

The sign on the left here is the same.

Image from S2E8 - 12m15s

The pedestrian sign on the light pole here is the same as well, but it seemed to have become covered in mud.

Image from S2E8 - 12m35s

Aoi and Kumiko continues to talk about Asuka.

Image from S2E8 - 12m50s

Until they split up.

Image from S2E13 - 06m07s

In the last episode of the second season we see Aoi, Asuka and Kumiko on the bridge.

Image from S2E13 - 06m15s

Where they talk about Kumiko and Shuuichi.

Image from S2E13 - 06m22s

This viewing spot is at the middle of the bridge.

Image from S2E13 - 06m23s

This is a picture of the building behind Kumiko.

Image from S2E13 - 06m39s

Asuka says goodbye to the others.

Image from S2E13 - 08m24s

View from the bridge towards To-no-shima Island from the same episode.

Image from S1E14 - 12m31s

Another view of the island from the bridge from the first season.

Image from S1E14 - 11m42s

And another shot of the bridge. The water levels were much higher on the day I visited this time, as also mentioned in my previous post.

No location map since it's just Uji-bashi Bridge.

This location was visited on 2017/11/01.

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