Friday, December 1, 2017

KyoAni & Do Shop

Since last time I had visited Japan the KyoAni Shop had moved and changed name to KyoAni & Do Shop, so I went and had a look.

I arrived at Kowata Station where they had new ads for the shop.

Closeup of the ad. This one had Mizore Yoroizuka and Nozomi Kasaki on it.

On the reverse side there were one with Kumiko Oumae and Reina Kousaka.

Since it was nearby I checked out the old shop location first.

They still had the sign for the old shop here.

The shop was closed, but there were still people working here. It looked like they were packing items sold in the online store for shipping.

Thank you note for using the old shop in the window.

And maps of how to get to the new shop.

The third floor here still have animation offices.

This is the newly built building where the new shop is located. This one is closer to Kohata Station than Kowata Station.

Posters outside the shop.

And a goods display.

Just inside the entrance they had this Kumiko cardboard cutout and an euphonium on display.

Another display with a trumpet and a poster for the upcoming Liz und ein BlauerVogel (Liz and the Blue Bird) movie which is focused on Mizore and Nozomi from Sound! Euphonium.

Lots of goods for sale of course.

Character button pins for lots of different shows and goods for the Kyoto Animation shop mascot Baja.

KA Esuma Bunko light novels.

They also had a guestbook which lots of people had signed and drawn in.

Including some people I saw from the US that were working with Funimation.

Sound! Euphonium drawing in the guestbook.

Hyouka, Free! and A Silent Voice.

And even cosplay pictures.

The other floors in the new building seemed to have offices. Only Kyoto Animation staff allowed in here though.

I also checked out the main office again since that's also close to Kohata Station.

Banners for KyoAni movie year and KyoAni Do Fan Days 2017.

Movie posters on display as well.

The park next to the station which had the items shown in Air in it was closed for renovations.

Later on I visited Rokujizo station where they also had ads for the shop. One with Natsuki Nakagawa and Yuuko Yoshikawa.

And another with Sapphire Kawashima and Hazuki Katou. If you looked closely at all the ads you might have figured out that they all show the characters outside the actual shop itself.

I bought one of the character button pins with Haruhi Suzumiya on it at the shop and also got a Sound! Euphonium bag with 2 flyers when I bought it. I picked up a Clannad character design and illustration book and a Rikka Takanashi keychain elsewhere on this trip as well.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2017/10/27 and 2017/11/01.

KyoAni & Do Shop official website

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