Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kanon - Shopping Street

The shopping street in Kanon is based on Motomachi shopping street in Yokohama. Another location I had to visit! Motomachi-Chūkagai station is close by. In fact one of the exits of this station is named Motomachi exit which leads right to the shopping street. I arrived here late in the day, so some of the shots are dusk shots in this location.

Image from Episode 2 - 14m20s

This location is on the other end of the shopping street. Both sides have an arc entrance like this though.

Image from Episode 4 - 04m20s

Closeup of arc entrance. This is actually not a match shot since this picture was taken on the end closest to Motomachi-Chūkagai station.

Image from Episode 6 - 10m39s

This location is also at the end closest to Motomachi-Chūkagai station.

Image from Episode 1 - 13m44s

Just walk down the street and you'll spot a lot of familiar locations from Kanon.

Image from Episode 1 - 14m35s

This is maybe the most recognizable location since it was used in a lot of the episodes.

Image from Episode 6 - 16m04s

It's actually not a café in real-life though.

Image from Episode 18 - 04m51s

A lot of the side-streets have these decorations above them.

Image from Episode 2 - 21m22s

Except for the doorway that has been made smaller in the anime this matches pretty well.

Image from Episode 7 - 09m01s

The building in the background is a bit different.

Image from Episode 7 - 10m47s

Shop names have been changed of course.

Image from Episode 8 - 07m25s

Same with this one. You can still recognize the places though.

Image from Episode 10 - 06m23s

It was quite hard to get a full picture of this building.

Therefore you get two of this one. You can see the building on the left is similar too.

Image from Episode 19 - 19m25s

Another location that was shown in many episodes.

Image from Episode 21 - 04m31s

There was no taiyaki seller there when I visited though. ^_^

Image from Episode 21 - 11m22s

And to end this post, here's another shot from the end furthest away from Motomachi-Chūkagai station.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2014/04/13.

Motomachi shopping street official website

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