Wednesday, April 23, 2014

K-On - School Part 1

I've visited the K-On school which was called Toyosato Elementary School in real life. It's no longer used as a school and is now a tourist spot. The school is in Toyosato and the closest train station is Toyosato Station where our journey begins. This post only contains my pictures. If you want to see some comparison shots check out part 2.

In the train station itself there's a map showing the way to the K-On school.

These K-On figures show the way if you get lost on the short walk.

Yui one with toast. Ads for various K-On related events hang in the windows behind it.

The school itself.

When I visited there was this Ritsu itasha parked outside.

To the left is the former library. This has been turned into a shop and a place where loads of things fans have left are stored.

To the right is the assembly hall.

Inside the school itself. The door to the right leads into the K-On club room.

Inside the K-On club room. Lots of fans have scribbled on the whiteboard. The door in the back which is not shown in the anime leads to the roof. The door on the right leads to the storage room.

The tea and cake is ready. Notice Azusa's cup ^_^

Ton-chan! There's also a cosplayer doing a photoshoot if you look carefully outside on the left.

There's a bench in the back of the room with the signs from the S2 OP on it.

Guestbooks and a few items left by fans.

Lots of fans have signed the guestbooks.

This now includes me. :D

This is inside the storage room that you can access from the club room.

Lots of items left by fans including a Haruhi figure.

Somebody have re-created the pillow fight scene and left a picture here of it.

The blackboard in the club room. Fans have scribbled all over this one too of course.

Outside the school again with a closeup of one of the sakura trees. Quite beautiful.

Here's a closer look at the assembly hall.

And a look inside the hall itself.

Here's the shop where you can buy various K-On goods.

Various jewelry and phone straps.

You can even get K-On cookies!

Some free pamphlets and some DVDs about the school itself you can buy.

There's a stamp area where you can use various K-On woodblock stamps.

Here's more items left by fans, including a full set of instruments!

Various manga and models including one of the whole school.

Closeup of Mugi's keyboard.

Lots of drawings as well of course.

There's a small area here where you can make your own drawing or postcard.

There's lots of these postcards and even some ema left here. Warning: This is an extra large picture to show more details.

On the other side too. Warning: This is an extra large picture to show more details.

Lots of figures. Behind plastic both so they don't have to dust them off and so people won't touch them.

Even more goods, including DVD sets.

And plushies.

Poster showing all the figures leading the way to the school. With a surprise appearance by Hatsune Miku too.

Some posters, including one for the Mio's birthday party event that took place 3 months before I were here.

In the upstairs area there are these cardboard cutouts of all the characters and another model of the school.

More fan drawings.

And more cardboard cutouts. Notice the animal hats on these.

Poster from some event with loads of signatures.

Another poster. Notice the sign on Ritsu's forehead on this one.

And more various effects.

On the way back I checked out this shop next to the train station.

They had posters for various events in the windows.

And a signed Mio poster.

There were some K-On stuff inside too.

Mostly posters though.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2014/04/08.

Toyosato official website
Toyosato Tourism Association website

Special thanks to the ones who went here before: