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Love Live Nijigasaki - West Promenade Benches

Close to the Odaiba Observation Deck is also a couple of benches at the west promenade of Symbol Promenade Park that was shown in Love Live Nijigasaki High School Idol Club.

Image from S1E8 - 21m00s

One of the benches was shown in episode 8 of the first season when Shizuku was shown sitting here in a shot.

Image from S2E11 - 07m31s

In episode 11 of the second season there's a longer scene here though.

Image from S2E11 - 07m39s

Everybody is sitting here eating crepes. I've marked the location of this middle bench in the map below.

Image from S2E11 - 07m54s

Kasumi suddenly gets up...

Image from S2E11 - 07m56s

Because she wants them to decide on the idol club's status.

Image from S2E11 - 07m57s

This is the middle bench again with Nana, Lanzhu and Shizuku.

Image from S2E11 - 07m59s

The rightmost bench with Ayumu, Yu, Kanata, Emma and Karin.

Image from S2E11 - 08m04s

And the leftmost bench with Rina, Ai, Shioriko and Mia.

Image from S2E11 - 08m22s

They talk about how how they're all different and have different dreams.

Image from S2E11 - 08m38s

But they're all in the club together since they all love school idols and want to continue being school idols.

Image from S2E11 - 08m42s

And how that's what their definition of a club should be, and that they should stay as they are.

Image from S2E11 - 09m22s

They then decide not to become an official school club. The building in the background here is the Fuji TV building.

Image from S2E11 - 09m26s

Image from S2E11 - 09m27s

Tilting shot of Kasumi who feels better now that they've made a decision.

Image from S2E11 - 09m47s

The building on the left behind Karin in this shot is DiverCity Tokyo Plaza.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2022/10/13.

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