Sunday, April 5, 2020

Weathering With You - Tourist Locations

In Weathering With You a bunch of regular tourist locations are also shown.

Image from Baitoru Commercial - 00m02s

This is at the famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing.

Image from Trailer 2 - 00m47s

View of Shibuya Scramble Crossing from Mag's Park Crossing View at the roof of the Magnet by Shibuya 109 shopping mall building.

Image from Trailer 2 - 01m19s

This bench is located inside Shiba Park. Behind the wall in the background is Shiba Toshogu Shrine.

Phone Wallpaper 09

From Shiba Park you can also get this shot of Tokyo Tower.

Image from Special Trailer - 04m53s

This is at the Sky Deck at Tokyo City View on top of Roppongi Hills Mori Tower.

Image from Trailer 2 - 01m49s

View towards Shinjuku from the Sky Deck.

Image from Trailer 2 - 01m05s

The last place, which is less of a tourist location, is Koenji Hikawa Shrine where they have these geta sandal shaped ema tablets.

This is the main Koenji Hikawa Shrine building. I've marked the location of this shrine in the map below.

Location map:

These locations were visited on 2019/12/29 and 2020/01/17.

Magnet by Shibuya 109 official website
Tokyo City View official website
Koenji Hikawa Shrine official website

Special thanks to the ones who went here before:

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