Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Tari Tari - Kamakurakōkōmae Station

Another place shown in several episodes of Tari Tari is Kamakurakōkōmae Station.

Image from Episode 1 - 00m22s

The station is on the right here in this shot from the OP, and on the left you can spot Enoshima Island in the distance.

Image from Episode 1 - 03m44s

Image from Episode 4 - 03m23s

The station only got 1 track and platform.

Image from Episode 1 - 22m43s

Taichi bikes past Wien waiting at the station platform in the first version of the ED. You can see that the station is called Shirahamazakakōkōmae Station in the anime because of the sign to the right of Wien.

Image from Episode 3 - 07m23s

This is the train crossing just to the east of the station building. There's tons of tourists here because this is a popular tourist spot, and it's supposedly best known for appearing in the first OP for the Slam Dunk anime. I've marked a path from the station building to this crossing in the map below.

Image from Episode 3 - 07m24s

Wakana is waiting at the crossing when she spots...

Image from Episode 3 - 07m25s

A certain character across the street. The zebra crossing has been moved further away from the train crossing since the anime was made.

Image from Episode 3 - 07m34s

He runs towards the train crossing when he sees Wakana.

Image from Episode 3 - 07m42s

But she manages to disappear.

Image from Episode 4 - 03m43s

Wien runs near the zebra crossing.

Image from Episode 8 - 07m05s

Wide shot. The train here is similar to the one in the anime.

Image from Episode 8 - 21m11s

Closeup of the stop light at the zebra crossing. It says Shirahamazaka on the sign in the anime here too.

Image from Episode 8 - 21m13s

Sawa rides her horse here.

Image from Episode 8 - 21m15s

And heads across the train crossing.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2020/01/01.

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