Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Girls und Panzer - Seaside

The last Girls und Panzer der Film location I visited this time was the seaside near Ōarai Hotel.

Image from Der Film - 23m05s

Ōarai Hotel is on the left here.

Image from Episode 4 - 09m13s

This road was also shown in the fourth episode of the show.

Image from Der Film - 23m06s

Ramp down to the seaside from the road.

Image from Der Film - 23m17s

Reverse view.

Image from Der Film - 23m24s

The Pravda High School KV-2 appears out of the sea here.

Image from Der Film - 23m28s

Behind the KV-2 here you can see the top of the light structure in the picture. I've marked the location of the light structure in the map below.

Image from Der Film - 23m30s

This is the back of Ōarai Hotel.

Image from Der Film - 23m46s

And this is the back of Ōarai Seaside Hotel.

Image from OVA 6 - 01m38s

I also got a better matching shot of the front of Ōarai Hotel as shown in the sixth OVA.

They still had Girls und Panzer goods for sale in the hotel gift shop and the Mako cardboard cutout.

In Ōarai Seaside Hotel they still had the giant Boko teddy bear I saw the last time I visited.

And lots of Girls und Panzer goods on display here too.

Including these shikishi sign boards.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2019/04/13.

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