Thursday, May 23, 2019

Girls und Panzer Gallery Revisit

Since I were at Ōarai Seaside Station, I also visited the Ōarai Girls und Panzer Gallery again.

The gallery is still on 2F.

Closeup of the entrance.

Girls und Panzer x Coco's Restaurant goods on display in the window this time.

They had Girls und Panzer x Coco's Restaurant cardboard cutouts on display inside.

Anzio ones.

Maho and Erika.

And one of Miho. In the back here was a timeline of the Girls und Panzer franchise in Ōarai.

More info with pictures.

Sponsored racing and football as well.

They still had pin buttons on display.

Seemed to be even more than last time I visited.

Same with these business cards.

More business cards and bottle caps too.

Scripts and shikishi sign boards.

Even more shikishi sign boards.



Various goods.

And other items on display.

Model dioramas.

Decorated column.

Advertisement wall scrolls.

Wall scrolls for sale in the shop as well.

In addition to a ton of other goods.

They also had a section with Girls und Panzer books and magazines you could read.

And the guestbook you could sign. They had gotten to number 30 here.

Lots of signatures and illustration.

Including mine now.

This is one of the locations for the stamp rally as well.

At the edge of the mall parking lot they had this huge billboard for the gallery.

I also checked out the food store in the mall where they had more Girls und Panzer stuff, including these cardboard cutouts.

One of Anzu too.

Posters on display.

Girls und Panzer food items.

Cookies and candy.

Sake and other drinks.

And even itasha decorated car cleaner.

Location map:

This location was visited on 2019/04/13.

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